Tiny House Floor Plans (New for 2021)

You’ll find over 350 tiny house floor plans of homes ranging from truly tiny 12-foot long tiny houses to giant 36-foot long homes. If you’re dreaming of designing or building a tiny house, this book is the right place to start. It’s packed with space-saving layout ideas that should spark your imagination. Choose a floor plan to build or design a floor plan of your own inspired by the designs you find here.

The first edition of Tiny House Floor Plans was published back in 2012. It was a top-rated book, averaged four out of five stars on Amazon, and had 450 reviews. This brand new edition is entirely new – every floor plan was recreated and updated to include stairs, window and door sizes, rooflines, unique bathroom layouts, and more.

Like the first version, this book should inspire the next generation of tiny house builders and tiny homeowners alike.

Front Cover of 101 Tiny House Designs

101 Tiny House Designs

Designing tiny houses is a balancing act, especially for the smallest homes. 101 Tiny House Designs is a book of ideas and illustrations for tiny house dreamers. Each house is the result of a series of choices and compromises. Inside you’ll find 101 design concepts from 12 to 32 feet long. You’ll see a variety of styles, layouts, themes, and common patterns. If you’re designing your own home, you can use the ideas here as building blocks to compose your ideal tiny house. Michael Janzen has been designing tiny houses since 2007.