Buy Tiny House Design Stencils at Etsy

These stencils make it easy & fun to draw a tiny house design with pen & paper. They are available in 1/4 inch scale. They are precisely laser cut from thick 3mm clear acrylic. Metric 1:50 scale stencils are also available.

Drawing a tiny house design accurately can be tricky since the houses are so small and the design must fit within the legal road limits for a tiny house on wheels. 

These stencils make it easy to get the exterior and interior layout, floor plans, and elevations of the house designed and include elements unique to tiny houses on wheels, like the trailer, stairs, and ladder.

When the stencils arrive you’ll find them still covered in their protective paper wrap. They will have a slightly wood smoke smell due to the laser cutting process. The protective wrap peels off easily and leaves zero glue residue. Once the wrap is peeled away, you’re ready to draw. 

We recommend using 1/4″ grid graph paper and fine point pens or pencils – but any paper and a sharp pencil or pen will do.

Buy Tiny House Design Stencils at Etsy